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As an individual or corporate, you can make profit by promoting LD TRADING to your community. You can earn commission or rebate for every transaction made by the customers you refer to. In other words, by participating in the LD TRADING IB program, you can earn money from your customers.

Privileges LD offers to IBs

Benefits for IB customers


We provide MetaTrader Manager, where you can transparently see all the transactions made by the customers you have brought to LD TRADING.

MetaTrader Manager is a professional platform that shows you your customers’ active transactions, transaction history, leverage information, deposit and withdrawal transactions instantly.

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    Corporate Solutions

    LD TRADING offers Corporate Solutions for financial brokers, banks, hedge funds and asset management companies regardless of account size and trading volume. LD TRADING has over 15 years of financial experience focusing on the Forex and CFD industry. We understand what investors need to do to become successful and therefore strive to provide world-class corporate service to businesses of all levels. Our primary goal is to offer you, our investors, high quality service, fast implementation and transparent and competitive pricing.

    Corporate Services


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    Money Manager

    LD TRADING provides qualified established individuals, brokers, asset managers, and financial institutions with money manager solutions:

    1. Multi Account Manager (MAM) Accounts

    2. PAMM Accounts

    In addition to the MAM solution, the PAMM platform supports several lot allocation methods, including:

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      Fast Payment Systems

      Take advantage of the speed brought by technology with digital payment methods.

      Client Portal

      Thanks to our latest technology client portal, we provide you with the fastest service.

      Global Product

      Shape your portfolio the way you want with more than 200 instrument options.

      Crypto Perpetual

      Trade like cryptocurrencies but with higher liquidity rates whenever you want.

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        Prodigy Mobile

        • Our cutting-edge trading platform, Prodigy, provides a fast and uninterrupted experience by following the technology as a pioneer with new features added all the time. What’s more, Prodigy is now available for Android and iOS!
        • Prodigy for Iphone and Android.


        MetaTrader 4

        • The user-friendly interface of MT4 offers convenience and effectiveness. In addition to the more than 50 built-in indicators, MetaTrader 4 also includes a trend prediction tool that identifies appropriate entry and exit points.

        • MetaTrader 4 for Android and Desktop.

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